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1970 Road Runner
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1969 & 1970
Hood Stripes

Do you have a question or a response to a message below pertaining only to Plymouth Road Runners, GTXs or similar? Messages about items for sale or wanted will not be posted.

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1969 & 1970 Road Runner hood stripe information downloadable PDF

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Question From:
     phil bennink

I have a 1973 Road Runner, the rear windows are fixed. Is there a conversion or something that will make it so i can roll them down? Thanks

Unfortunately, the fixed window glass is not the same as the glass that is used for the roll-up windows. Therefore, in addition to getting the hardware, you will also need to get new glass that allows the hardware to mount to the glass.

Question From:

What is the color of a 1969 Road Runner 383?

Orange, the 68's were tourquose

Question From:
     Gary Wylie

What is the best means to find my 1970 Road Runner? I special ordered it in the fall of '69, drove it for a year or so, then sold it to a fellow airman in the USAF (who was from Louisiana). I know the VIN. Is there a search mechanism for VINs?

Question From:
     Daniel Bosecker

I just bought a 1970 Road Runner 383 console 4 speed pistol grip. I am trying to find out how many were built with a console. I found out how many 4 speed cars, but not with console. Please help lol

Question From:
     charles wells

We have a 1969 GTX - trying to find the original color from the VIN (RS23L9G236832) can you help in any way?

I believe that info is located on the fender tag , which should be located on top of the driver side inner fender.

Question From:
     roger vance

Is there any place to get the foam piece used to install the front of the headliner on a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner? Is this piece specific to the sun roof cars only or did they all use it?


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